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RobByrne bwWith so many young people in our game this is a key activity. This is how Surrey Rugby works to make sure children are safe through the Safeguarding Management.

The Surrey Rugby Safeguarding Manager is Rob Byrne, contact details below . If you witness or are aware of an incident where the welfare of a child has been put at risk you must, in the first instance, inform the Club Safeguarding Officer. They will then inform the CB Safeguarding Manager and the RFU Safeguarding Team. If an incident involves the Club Safeguarding Officer you should inform the appropriate official at the club and either the CB Safeguarding Manager or the RFU Safeguarding Team.  If an incident occurs at a Surrey Representative Activity, please inform the relevant Team Manager in the first instance, or if the incident involves the Team Manager the CB Safeguarding Manager.

Safeguarding Structure

Safeguarding Manager                     Safeguarding Officers

Rob Byrne                                                         Rob Byrne

07779 011802                                                   Julian Ching


Safeguarding - Introduction to Safeguarding

This awareness course is for all involved in Age Grade Rugby and completion is compulsory prior to all DBS applications and prior to participation in England Rugby Coaching or Refereeing Award Courses. 

The course ensures that everyone has a grasp of the basics in relation to safeguarding, including being able to recognise potentially abusive situations and understand how to report concerns.

Booked via the Course Administration Centre, it will take 30-40 minutes to complete; it is free, open to all.  

Safeguarding - Play it Safe course

This course is for any volunteer, coach or match official who is working or has responsibility for children and vulnerable adults within rugby. Identifying best practice, it provides information and guidance on the responsibilities and support available for ensuring children and vulnerable adults are safeguarded appropriately

Safeguarding - In Touch course

This is a three hour workshop targeted at Club Safeguarding Officers.

For more information on all Safeguarding courses CLICK HERE


Safeguarding Policy

Surrey is fully committed to ensuring the well-being and safety of all young players who participate in activities organised by Surrey. It is recognised that all coaches, administrators and medical staff who undertake activities on behalf of acknowledge that they have a legal and moral responsibility to provide the highest standard of care to all young players and that all young players who participate in the activities organised by the Surrey are treated in a fair and equitable way

Surrey will

  • provide all coaches, administrators and medical staff with a code of conduct (RFU guidelines can be adopted)
  • ensure that all staff are qualified to the appropriate level
  • ensure that all staff have a job specification
  • ensure that all staff have undertaken the appropriate Safeguarding training
  • ensure that all staff are up to date in terms of their expertise ie. coaching/medical training
  • ensure that all adults organising residential visits/tours are aware of their responsibilities

The following principles should be accepted

  • the overplaying of players is not acceptable
  • the development of the individual comes first, winning second
  • injured players should not be allowed to play or train
  • all equipment should be safe and appropriate
  • it is wrong to encourage young players to break the laws of the game
  • all players should receive feedback on their performance, both verbal and written, which should be honest and positive, ensuring that young players and their parents are aware of future development required

Surrey will ensure that

  • in the event of an allegation against an individual undertaking activities on behalf of Surrey, procedures are in place to deal with the situation (RFU Guidelines)
  • if there are concerns about an individual player, procedures are in place to ensure that the concerns are investigated (RFU Guidelines)