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Terms of Reference - Modus Operandi

  • The Surrey Disciplinary Committee has powers, devolved from the RFU, to deal with matters at level 5 and below, which result from sendings off, citings, reports of abuse of match officials and reports of actions which are not in the best interests of the game and which bring the game into disrepute.
  • From the beginning of season 2013-2014, a player sent off is not permitted to play again until his case has been heard by the Surrey Disciplinary Committee.
  • Hearings are held approximately every two weeks, normally on a Wednesday, and the dates of these hearings can be found on a separate tab. These hearings are usually held at King's College School, Wimbledon; however, the venue will be confirmed by the Surrey office, along with times etc.
  • Clubs and referees should assume that the case of a player being sent off will be heard on the next scheduled hearing date.
  • Most guilty cases result in a sanction of at least one week, so if the date of the next hearing is 10/11 days after the sending off, it is probable that the case will still be dealt with before the end of any suspension imposed at the hearing. Weeks when the player has not played, between the sending off and the hearing, will be taken into account.
  • If a player, with the support of his club, decides to plead not guilty and the next scheduled hearing is not on the following Wednesday, the club may request a special, non-scheduled, hearing which will deal with the case before the club's next scheduled match. The venue for a non-scheduled hearing doesn't have to be at KCS, and can be held at the player's club. Any costs involved in staging such an 'ad hoc' hearing at an alternative venue must be met by the player and/or his club.
To read more about Discipline Procedures and see all the detailed RFU regulations:

Hearing Dates

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Case Summaries

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Charges are levied for the administration of the Discipline process

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As per World Rugby Regulations, Players Ordered-Off or cited by a Citing Commissioner, shall be provisionally suspended pending the hearing of the case.
This means that no player can play until the case has been considered and dealt with by a CB Disciplinary Panel.

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Meet the team. These are the members of the Discipline Panel, who meet regularly to decide cases.

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