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Proxime U13 Waterfall Competition

There are three different levels of competition for the U13 Age Group. Below is a list of the Competitions and the Teams. You can see the Fixtures and Results on the 'Fixtures' Link or use the menu items on the right.

Reporting Match Scores

To submit a match score send a text to 07526 077800. The text should be formatted as follows:

Age Group
Home team Score and number of tries
Away team Score and number of tries
(to indicate that your opposition agrees)

President's Cup - (FIXTURES)

Camberley U13 A
Cobham U13 A
Eff & L'Head U13 A
Guildford U13 A
Guildfordians U13 A
Old Wim War U13 A
Ross Park U13 A
Sutt & Epsom U13 A

President's Plate - (FIXTURES)

Batt Ironsides U13 A
Chobham U13 A
Dorking U13 A
Farnham U13 A
Old Reigatian U13 A
Richmond U13 A
Wimbledon U13 A

Chairman's Cup - (FIXTURES)

Guildford U13 B
Haslemere U13 A
Old Cats U13 A
Old Emanuel U13 A
Old Ruts U13 A
Old Whits U13 A
Ross Park U13 B
Wey Vandals U13A

Chairman's Plate - (FIXTURES)

Barnes U13 A
Camberley U13 B
Cranleigh U13 A
Eff & L'Head U13 B
Guildfordians U13 B
Reeds W'Bridge U13 A
Reigate U13 A

Treasurer's Cup - (FIXTURES)

batt Ironsides U13 B
Cobham U13 B
Farnham U13 B
Old Cranleighians U13 A
Richmond U13 B
Streat' - Croydon U13 A
Sutt & Epsom U13 B
Wimbledon U13 B

Treasurer's Plate - (FIXTURES)

Barnes U13 B
Chipstead U13 A
Chobham U13 B
Old Cats U13 B
Old Reigatian U13 B
Old Ruts U13 B
Old Wim War U13 B
Wey Vandals U13 B