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Proxime Colts Competition Menu 2017-2018

Sponsored by proxime

Proxime Colts Waterfall Cup

A Season-long Waterfall Cup for those clubs that have a season long commitment from their players. This is aimed to cater for State School and Development (‘B’) team players.

There is a 'Fixex' facility on the website here - JUNIOR FIXEX

Harelquins Colts Knock Out Cup

A Harlequins sponsored post-Christmas Knock Out Cup competition, the aim of which will be flexibility.  It will be played as a 10s competition, however, if both sides turn up and can play 15 a side we would encourage the fuller format to be used.  Our overarching aim is that the game is played.  This is aimed at all players of all abilities.

Proxime Colts Waterfall Cup 2017-2018

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Colts Quins KO Cup 2017-2018

No events