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What we do

Surrey Rugby is responsible for the Promotion, Development and Organisation of Rugby in the County of Surrey and the 7 London Boroughs of Croydon, Kingston, Lambeth, Merton, Richmond, Sutton and Wandsworth. There are approximately 100 clubs within this area.

The Mission of Surrey Rugby is:

To Help All Clubs in Surrey to Prosper and Thrive

To do this Surrey Rugby is organised to carry out a variety of activities. These are summarised on this page with a link to more detailed descriptions of the individual areas.

Club Development

This department is there to help Clubs with their "off the field" development. We can help find funds for Facilities improvements. There is advice on Club organisation and we have people there to liaise with Clubs to help recruit, retain and reward volunteers.

For more information please contact the Surrey Rugby Office -


More information on support available for clubs via the RFU LSE Club Development Team HERE

Our club facilities champion is: Nigel Heslop


Rugby grounds staff can use Rugby Grounds Connected to book a site visit by one of our regional pitch advisors as well as to access support and resources for volunteers across the country.

Get connected to your fellow grounds staff by joining Ruby Grounds Connected.

See more here 👉

Honda Rugby Grounds Connected

Good quality natural turf pitches are the lifeblood of rugby union and the maintenance and management of these pitches is crucial to the future of the game. In conjunction with our Performance Partner Honda, the RFU has made a significant commitment to supporting this process through the Honda Rugby Grounds Connected programme.

Honda is the Performance Partner for England Rugby, and that extends to the quality and performance of ours pitches. Honda Rugby Grounds Connected will provide support and resources for our volunteers across the country, as well as developing grassroots engagement with the Honda Volunteer Recognition Programme.
Honda Rugby Grounds Connected is a two-way communication channel between the RFU and rugby grounds volunteers. Access to the content we provide is through this webpage including On Demand Webinars, Video Resources, requests for face-to-face help from our Pitch Advisors and much more.

Find out more here.


Twitter @RFURugbyGrounds


Our club facilities champion is: Nigel Heslop


How much is your club paying for its energy use?

Email our preferred Energy Consultants ZTP on who’ll be happy to discuss your options.

Our CB Volunteer support lead is: TBC


Recruiting Volunteers:

As we all know across the county rugby clubs nothing happens without the horde of club and county volunteers that appear to make this happen and act like swans on water….

Volunteers are not paid – not because the are worthless but because they are priceless!


Rugby Clubs across Surrey are always keen to hear from people within the club and beyond who want to make a difference within the rugby, club and sporting environment.

Whether you can offer an hour or 5 hours per month there is value you can add.

  • Chairman
  • Youth Chairman
  • Hon.Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Safeguarding Officer
  • Referee Coordinator
  • Club Referees (4-5 per senior club & 6 Junior Club)
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Team Manager / Fixture Secretary (Senior, Mini and Youth 8-10 per club)
  • Director of Rugby
  • Press Officer
  • Social Media/Website Officer
  • Senior Coaches (Mens & Ladies x 2-3 teams = 10 per club)
  • Mini and Youth Coaches x (2-3 per age group = 50 per club)
  • Diversity & Inclusion Officer
  • Facilities Manager
  • Coaching Courses Coordinator
  • Medical Lead , First Aiders & Physios (10 per club min)
  • Pitch Coordinator
  • Building Maintenance
  • Pitch Maintenance
  • Event Managers/Helpers




Our CB Commercial & Club strategy champion is: Peter O’ Keefe


VAT helpline

RFU have engaged the services of Russell Moore, a former partner at leading sports advisory accountants Saffery Champness, to provide a VAT helpline service to clubs. The first 30 minutes of advice is free to clubs, with any additional services provided at greatly reduced rates. Clubs can contact the helpline either by calling Russell on 07710 329317 or by emailing their enquiry to

To watch and listen to RFU Webinars click on the links below

VAT Reclaims webinar – on demand

RFU ran a successful VAT reclaims webinar with over 200 in attendance. The webinar explained what VAT reliefs can potentially be applied and illustrated how to make a claim for your club.

england rugby

Our Surrey Licensing lead is: Tyrone Lawless 

Click Here


The Rugby Football Union together with Poppleston Allen Licensing Solicitors has set up a free Alcohol (& Gambling) licensing Helpline 0115 934 9177, which is available to address any issues or concerns you may have relating to the licensing of your premises.


Traditionally, Private Members' Clubs such as your Rugby Club have been able to supply alcohol for their members and guests by obtaining a Club Premises Certificate.

If your club currently operates using a Club Premises Certificate do not allow anyone (including the local constabulary) to persuade you that it would be easier to have a Premises Licence than a Club Premises Certificate in operation.

There are restrictions to the supply of alcohol and regulated entertainment and operating under a Club Premises Certificate however.

The essential components to fulfil the requirements for eligibility to a Club Premises Certificate are:

  • To have at least 25 members
  • Requirement that all persons who are nominated for membership cannot enjoy the benefits of membership until at least 48 hours after the nomination for membership has been made
  • To operate in good faith
  • That the provision and the supply of alcohol are determined by an Alcohol Committee who oversees the purchase of alcohol for the members.

Events organised by the club must be for the membership and (for example) weddings organised on behalf of the general public are not allowed without the issue of a Temporary Event Notice.

These restrictions you may think to be unnecessary however:

  • There is no requirement to have a Designated Premises Supervisor to oversee the sale of alcohol
  • No requirement to have SIA registered door staff and the premises almost exist like a private dwelling
  • The Police cannot enter uninvited unless in pursuit of a felon or they hold an honest belief that someone who has committed a crime is in the premises
  • A parent of a junior member playing rugby on a Sunday would be able to purchase alcohol as a guest of a member
  • Supporters of the club when visiting other affiliated clubs may enjoy the benefits of membership at the club visited by way of “affiliate membership” for the period of the visit.


  • Alcohol can only be provided for consumption off the premises in a sealed container and to a member at a time when the club is open to supply alcohol to its members
  • The general public do not have access without firstly being nominated for membership, a process which must take at least 48 hours before the nominee can enjoy the benefits of membership
  • No advertising of functions (dances, bingo evenings etc.) which would allow the general public access without firstly being signed in as a guest of a member.

The question asked by every ‘Private Members' Club who wishes to admit the general public on a regular basis is “how can this be achieved whilst continuing to maintain the integrity of the Club Premises Certificate?”


A Private Members' Club (Rugby Club) can also hold a Premises Licence (PL).

A PL enables the holder to sell alcohol to anybody over the age of 18 years of age as long as they are not inebriated. 

The PL requires that in order to sell alcohol the premises identifies a Designated Premises Supervisor who holds a Personal Licence and who is responsible for the day to day running of the premises.

Any premises operating with a Premises Licence will be required (most probably) to have:

  • CCTV operating whilst the sale of alcohol is taking place
  • The club which has a Premises Licence can open its doors to the public but will also be required (where door staff are employed) to ensure that the door staff are Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved.

There may also be a number of additional conditions which would be applied to the operating schedule of the Premises Licence which will generally be administrative in nature such as: 

  • Maintenance of staff training records
  • Maintenance of records detailing accidents and incidents in the premises. Different policies relating to the management of the premises
  • Records of door teams employed etc.

There are a number of mandatory conditions which apply to both Club Premises Certificates and Premises Licences however, the Police (in particular) may require a host of additional conditions.


TEN’s allow licensable activities to take place at the premises on a temporary basis which could otherwise only be carried out by permissions granted on either the Club Premises Certificate or Premises Licence.

For example:

  • If the Premises currently operates under a Club Premises Certificate and the club wishes to invite non-members to a function, a TEN can be issued to the local Licensing Authority
  • The TEN Notice should contain the number of people who are going to attend the event and should include staff and entertainers where appropriate. The maximum number of people who can be accommodated using a TEN is 499.
  • The TEN will cover the sale of alcohol and any other licensable activities such as music or late night refreshment
  • The form also requires that an individual is named as being responsible for the safe keeping of the Notice once endorsed by the authority. The form, whilst requiring a significant amount of information is reasonably straight forward to complete, however records need to be maintained as the number of TEN’s a premises can issue are restricted
  • Planning for specific events should therefore be considered to ensure that a TEN is available.

Please note: The same premises cannot be covered by a Temporary Event Notice on more than 12 occasions in a calendar year.


A Club Premises Certificate is a significant asset for the club. Whilst there are restrictions associated with the certificate; the most significant relate to the supply of alcohol to non-members and the supply of alcohol for consumption off the premises in a sealed container.

Appropriate changes to an existing certificate will allow members and guests of members to consume alcohol in the seating area next to the club premises or on the balcony to the club relatively easily and still be within the requirements of the mandatory condition relating to the supply of alcohol for consumption off the premises.

Access to the club part of the premises should be to members and guests of members and opposing teams and their supporters (affiliate members only).


If at all possible an area of the club should be maintained exclusively for the use of the membership.

The club may also have a common area (a function room or separate room). Operation of the club under a Club Premises Certificate should remain in an exclusive area for the members and guests of members.

Private Members' Clubs are not allowed to make a profit however, when operating under a Premises Licence where alcohol is sold rather than being supplied there will be a profit element.

This should be accounted for in a separate set of accounts. We suggest that you do an audit and produce a checklist to determine what you would like to do and how you would like to do it in your club.

If for example, the club is to remain for members and guests of members only and operate with a Club Premises Certificate you may not need to do anything.

Review the issue regarding the consumption of alcohol off the premises without engaging the requirement that it be from a sealed container.

If the changes you wish to make include access to non-members on a regular basis and you are currently operating with a Club Premises Certificate, a Premises Licence will need to be applied for to cover the areas and potential times that non-members will be in your premises.

Careful consideration needs to be given to that application if it is your chosen route and further advice from a Licensing Solicitor is recommended.


Some of the questions you might want to ask are:

  • What are my current permissions to supply alcohol and provide licensable activities for members and guests and non-members
  • Do I need to change my permissions to include non-members?
  • Do my current permissions allow members to take alcohol outside of the premises for consumption (need to review plans)?
  • How can I change my permissions to allow for consumption by members in the stands?
  • Does the club wish to hire its facilities to non-members and how do we do this?


The Rugby Football Union together with Poppleston Allen Licensing Solicitors has set up a free Alcohol (& Gambling) licensing Helpline 0115 934 9177, which is available to address any issues or concerns you may have relating to the licensing of your premises.

Download the Poppleston Allen Licensing Law App called MyLicence from iPhone App Store.

DISCLAIMER: The material contained in this guide is set-out in good faith for general guidance and no liability can be accepted for loss or expense incurred as a result of relying in particular circumstances on statements made in this guide. Laws and regulations are complex and liable to change, users should check the current position with the relevant authorities before making arrangements.

Junior Rugby

Players from 12 to Under 18 years of age engage in this area of the Game both in Clubs and at School.

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Mini Rugby

RyanReino bwMany Clubs in Surrey operate Mini rugby sections for participants aged Under 13.

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Player Development


Find out how we can provide opportunities for players and coaches to further develop.

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john pownall bw

Be it Discipline, Code of Conduct, Safeguarding, Tours, Insurance Surrey Rugby can help.

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Senior Competitions

Surrey Rugby runs a wide variety of Senior Competitions for Clubs. 

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Women & Girls Rugby

Vicky AlexanderWomen & Girls rugby is growing fast and many clubs in Surrey now have dedicated Women’s &/or Girls sections.

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tour bus 140If you are considering hosting or going on tour it is important to follow the correct procedures and fill in the relevant forms.

ALL Club Tours - both senior and age grade, outside of England (ie including to Wales, Scotland Ireland etc) need permission from  Surrey Rugby.  This is also applies to clubs hosting a touring team from outside of England.

If you’re planning a tour for children it is essential that you read the RFU's Touring with Children Guide and the RFU Safeguarding Policy.

Please note that under Regulation 15.8.4 - U13s and age groups below are not permitted to Tour out of season.  There is no dispensation.

Applying for permission to tour overseas (clubs)

  1. Download the Outgoing Tour Application form.
  2. Fully complete this form. You will need to obtain approval from the host Union of the country you are visiting. For this you should get assistance from your host club, or contact the host Union directly. Details of worldwide Unions can be found on the World Rugby website
  3. Clubs that are affiliated to the RFU will be insured by the RFU’s Death & Catastrophic injury insurance for playing rugby while on tour, providing RFU approval has been granted and your policy is up to date. Please note that this insurance does not cover temporary injury, loss of earnings, medical and legal expenses or any other type of injury not mentioned in the policy. However, you will need to obtain travel insurance (which will cover you for any repatriation costs should a player become injured during the match and need specialist travel home) and we recommend this is obtained through England Rugby Insurance  
  4. Once completed and signed, send your application as a pdf to Surrey Rugby and we will either write to your Tour Manager confirming approval (providing it is correctly and fully completed), or forward to Twickenham for RFU approval. Please note it is important to keep a hard copy.

Applying for permission to host an incoming tour (clubs)

  1. Download the following incoming tour application form: Incoming Tour Application form
  2. Fully complete this form. You will need to obtain approval from the Union of your visiting team. The visiting team should assist you with providing this information. 
  3. The Appendix Schedule 1 must be signed by all players and officials from the touring party who are 18 and over. This does not include parents or players who are under 18 – in this instance the coach and officials from the visiting team must sign on behalf of the players.
  4. Send your fully completed application as a pdf to Surrey Rugby via and we will either write to your Club Official confirming approval (providing it is correctly and fully completed), or forward to Twickenham for RFU approval. Please note it is important to keep a hard copy.

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