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Chairman's Letter - COVID 19 Support - Update

Dear Club Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer,

In my previous bulletin I told you that Surrey Rugby would be providing support funding for clubs in need of assistance in order to get through these unprecedented times brought about by the COVID-19 virus.

Since then, I expect many of you will have seen the announcements from the RFU and there is some excellent advice in what has been written, along with signposting to internal and external resources and offers which will be directly applicable to clubs.

The RFU announcement refers to the creation of an Immediate Support Fund (ISF), to be distributed through the Constituent Body (CB) organisations such as Surrey. Each CB will decide how and when to make allocations from this fund, and we will reallocate our own funds which were destined for other projects which are now on hold.

Surrey Rugby has worked rapidly to create a process whereby we can offer financial assistance to clubs, but we do need to make it clear that the assistance will be to help only with short term cash flow related problems which have arisen as a direct consequence of the COVID-19 truncated season. We are unable to use the fund for any other purpose.

Examples of the expenses this short term fund can be used for include:

Rent/Lease, Water, Gas & Electricity, Broadband/phone, TV subscription, Buildings insurance, Contents insurance, Insurance other, Equipment rental, Loan repayments, Cleaning contract, Security/alarm, Pitch Maintenance, Sanitary, Laundry and Building maintenance.

We do appreciate that such cash flow issues may not become apparent immediately and we would ask clubs to keep an open dialogue with us so we can keep a clear view as to where our assistance may be required. This will also help our planning to ensure our available funds are in place when needed, whether that be in the coming days or nearer to the new season starting. On this basis, contact by the end of April would be appreciated in the first instance, although we will continue to consider the needs of clubs to ensure next season can be "kicked off" in as normal a manner as possible.

We encourage all clubs to produce their own projections for the forthcoming period to identify potential issues requiring urgent management. In line with schemes initiated by the RFU, where clubs are applying for assistance from Surrey Rugby, we will be asking for historic accounts along with forecast cash flow information covering the period in question, along with a brief overview as to the issues being faced by the club. We would also appreciate direct contact from an officer of the club to discuss specific requirements. 

The Application forms which can be downloaded are attached to this bulletin for all clubs who believe they may need assistance for use according to club circumstances.

As mentioned previously, our RDO George Maxwell ( is available to all Surrey Clubs to understand what is needed across the county, but if you have urgent or critical needs, please get in touch with George or Surrey Rugby as soon as possible. We have provided below a contact list of Surrey CB officers who are also very keen to discuss any challenges clubs may be facing:

John Pownall (Chairman) (
Nigel Heslop (President) (
Sue Gardner (Secretary) (
Bruno Plaskow (Treasurer) (
Tyrone Lawless (Interim Vice-Chair) (

Our clubs range from CASCs to limited companies with a huge variation in structure and needs and we are sure you will be investigating all sources of grant and loan based assistance being offered in the sporting arena, along with the various governmental backed schemes appropriate to your particular structure.

Whilst not exhaustive, you may find the following checklist helpful:-

I would like to reiterate our sincere thanks to all of you who are working to maintain critical services in our communities and wish you, your families and the entire Rugby family a safe and healthy future.

Stay safe!

Yours in rugby

John Pownall
Chairman, Surrey Rugby
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