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Waterfall Competition 2019-2020

Latest:12th December 2020

Full results for the U15, U16s, and Colts have been added to this page.

Latest:17th January 2020

Find the Competition Details on the RFU Website

The full details of the Waterfall Competitions, including draws and results are now available on the RFU website at this link HERE

6th October 2019

The draw for all age groups is now complete and can be downloaded from the 'Resource' Tab on this page.

There has been a huge amount of effort put into making the competition as fair and equitable as possible.

The Conpetitions Committee has taken into account:

  • The expressions of standards by coaches on entry
  • Previous results form last year's competiion
  • The Results of friendly games played this season.

The success of the competition is now in your hands

The purpose of the competition is for the boys playing the game to enjoy themselves. 

That is all.

It is therefore incumbent on all Coaches, Managers and Parents to follow the guidelines:

Remember the regulation 15 rule of applying conditions if a match is looking one sided and be honest with your opposition.

In the U15s particularly all sides apart from the top 8 have said this isn’t a true A standard; so remember this and it’s not just you that has players unavailable before Xmas.