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CPD Courses


Continuous Personal Development for Rugby Coaches

To complement the coaching qualification pathway, a range of CPD short courses are available to further develop coaching expertise. These help to develop coaches' knowledge and application of technical, tactical, physiological, psychological and lifestyle factors that affect a player’s performance.

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CPD Scrum Factory Courses

The Scrum Factory aims to increase the number of players able to play in the scrum, particularly the front row.

The course is designed to help coaches and players to understand individual and collective techniques, as well as position specific conditioning.

Meaningful sessions can be delivered regardless of numbers attending training and with minimal equipment and expense to the club or school.


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CPD - Rugby Ready Courses

The World Rugby (IRB) Rugby Ready programme was launched to educate, aid and support players, coaches, match officials on the importance of sufficient preparation for training and playing in order for rugby to be played and enjoyed while reducing the risk of serious injury.


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CPD - Rugby Smart courses

This workshop builds on from Rugby Ready and has the following learning outcomes for participants:

  • Understanding the responsibilities of safeguarding the welfare of all players, including children
  • Increase awareness of Community Rugby Injury Surveillance Project (CRISP) and its implications on Rugby Union
  • Awareness of common injuries and the risks placed upon players by coaches
  • Reinforcing good practice in coaching
  • Basic understanding of concussion and best practice in managing incidents of concussion
  • Awareness of current issues / sanctions in Anti-Doping


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CPD - Other Courses

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CPD Coaching Back Attack in the 15-a-side game:-

The strategy and tactics of the backs should reflect the skills of your players. The most important area may be how space is attacked.

The ability to manage the space in front and between the teams is vital. Players should understand that pressure cannot be applied to the opposition unless they put themselves under pressure.
This module helps coaches condition sessions to develop decision-making in the face of varying scenarios.

CPD Performance Analysis:-

This course explores the simple yet effective ways in which coaches in the Community game can adapt analysis techniques from the Elite game to provide meaningful information to be able to identify development areas for the individual player and the team.

CPD Managing Contact:-

Using intelligence from the RFU Injury survey to identify risk areas of the game, Managing Contact is a practical course supported by online footage which looks at how techniques from other sports such as Grappling and Judo to help coaches develop players who are physically prepared and have safe and effective skills in the contact area.