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Inspired Facilities
What will the Inspired Facilities programme do?

Inspired Facilities will invest in refurbishing or improving existing sports facilities and converting existing venues into places suitable for playing sport. These are local projects developed and delivered predominantly by community and voluntary sector groups.

What's different about Inspired Facilities?
Sport England has tried to make applying for an Inspired Facility grant as easy as possible, with no specialist knowledge required.

A catalogue with details and costs of the many of the facility improvements sports clubs has been produced – from boilers to better insulated roofs, flooring to floodlights, court surfaces to changing rooms.

Sport England has also appointed contractors who can do the work, reducing the amount of time and money it takes clubs to get the work done once they have received a grant.
Who is eligible to apply?

Any organisation entitled to receive public funding can apply. This includes voluntary or community organisations, sports clubs, town and parish councils, playing field associations, schools and education establishments and local authorities.
How much money is available?

£50m Lottery funding into 1000 sports facilities, through five funding rounds that will take place over the next three years.

Voluntary and community groups such as sports clubs, Parish and Town Councils can apply for grants of between £20,000 and £50,000 and will receive at least 70 % of the funding available in each round

No more than 30% will invested through local authorities, who can apply for up to £150,000.

A grant of £150,000 will be the exception rather than the norm and only available to local authority projects that can demonstrate a strategic rationale to their application.
What type of projects are you looking for?

Priority to projects and organizations that:

· Have not benefited from a Sport England lottery grant worth over £10,000

· Offer local opportunities to people who do not currently play sport

· Are the only public sports facility in the local community
Is partnership funding required?

It is preferred applications from the voluntary and community sector have partnership funding. However, generating partnership funding can be difficult for these groups to find, so an application which does not have any will not be ruled out . This also applies to parish and town councils.

Local authorities, other statutory bodies, and schools or educational establishments will, however, be expected to provide pound-for-pound partnership funding.
Is security of tenure required?

Security of tenure enables the protection of the value of an award if, for example, a project goes into liquidation. The length of security needed varies according to the size of the grant.

Community and voluntary sector projects will not require a legal charge under this programme unless otherwise indicated by Sport England.

A local authority generally cannot grant charges ,therefore Sport England will accept a restriction placed on the title registered at the Land Registry on grants over £100,000

All projects will be expected to measure the number of visits to the facility every 6 months for 5 years. Further details will be supplied to successful projects as part of the award process.

For further information, visit Sport England Inspired Facilities information or contact Rick Bruin the RFU Regional Funding and Facilities Manager .