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Clubs across the country experienced a huge surge of youngsters’ interest in the game thanks to Rugby World Cup 2015. And among them was Weybridge Vandals whose Mini Chair Fabrizio Maffi says, “I’ve run the mini rugby section for the past five years and have first hand evidence of the positive impact of this world tournament.

“We had well over 100 different kids come to try us out in the

 first month of the season. This is two to three times more than our ‘norm’ in recent seasons. Many have signed up and our mini/junior membership numbers are at an a

ll-time high. Volunteer numbers are also growing, with many parents wanting to get involved. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Rugby World Cup has contributed significantly to this increase and that it will leave a positive and enduring legacy.”
Said RFU Development Director Steve Grainger, “I am sure this great news is partly down to the Rugby World Cup but also undoubtedly to the hard work that Fabrizio and colleagues are putting in. My thanks goes to them and all those working in our clubs to grow the game.”

Article taken from the November issue of Touchline Magazine.