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Wednesday 23rd September, as part of the Rugby World Cup 2015 celebrations, Old Reigatian RFC hosted a Rugby World Cup 2015 Key Stage 1 Multi Skills Sports Festival. 20 teams (10 children per team) from 16 local schools took part.

Each team had been allocated one of the nations competing in Rugby World Cup 2015 and been asked to create the National flag of that country in their own style as part of cross curricular work they could do in school finding out about their country.

Following a parade of nations that started in Olympic style with the defending champions New Zealand (Horley Infant School) marching on to the 1st team pitch followed by the other 18 before hosts England (Walton-on-the-Hill School) entered, the schools carried out 2 circuits of 8 skills games involving running, jumping, passing and catching and ones involving teamwork.

Each station was hosted by students from St Bede’s and Reigate Grammar School (Years 8/9 and 11). Their job was to explain, demonstrate, score and encourage the children. They were outstanding in their commitment, enthusiasm and ability to do all of this.

Quote from an email received from a teacher: “I was particularly impressed with the Young Leaders from St Bedes and the Grammar School. Without exception they were polite, helpful and enthusiastic and they made sure that the children knew exactly what they had to do to complete each stage.”

As to the result of this particular World Cup, the winners were Nutfield Junior School (Samoa). 2nd place went to Holmesdale Community School (South Africa) and in 3rd place Horley Infant School (New Zealand).

Old Reigatian RFC will be hosting further matches at Secondary School level at the club over the coming weeks on afternoons when there is a World Cup match to follow to encourage more Junior players into club rugby.