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Paul Barker was a semi-professional rugby player for 12 years, but in 2012 he broke his left Tibia severely which a year later resulted in his diagnosis of an extremely aggressive Stage 3 High Grade Fibrosarcoma (soft tissue cancer). Due to the previous rugby-related break, and the sheer size of the tumour (approximately 25cm long) Paul's only hope of survival involved the mid-thigh amputation of his leg coupled with a 6 month course of highly intensive chemotherapy.

The severity and frequency of the chemotherapy has meant that Paul has been unable, as yet, to begin his rehabilitation course to learn to walk and use a prosthesis. Clearly Paul has been unable to work, and will no longer be able to play the Rugby and sports he so loved after his recovery. This attempt to raise money for his prosthesis will enable him to have the relative luxury of an electric prosthetic limb to be able to walk with ease. Without our help he would be unable to afford it. For more on the story follow this link

Although tailored to every individual, the estimated cost of his advanced prosthesis for the mid-thigh level amputation is approximately £40,000.

Because of this I have created a charity event in order to raise money for Paul's prosthesis, The Surrey Classic Bike Ride. The event is taking place on Sunday June 29th, you have a choice of three courses; 55 miles, 85 miles or 100 miles. You can find information here 

I think it will be a fun day out and a good way to get fit for the summer holidays!

If you are unable to do the challenge or just want to donate, every little helps. Please donate here

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