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Competition Dates

The U13 Waterfall Cup will run across the following dates in spring 2017

Round 1 22nd January 2017

Round 2  26th February 2017

Quarter Finals 12th March 2017

Semi Finals 2nd April 2017

Finals Day and 3rd vs 4th Playoff 23rd April 2017



Competition Format

The idea of the 'Waterfall concept is that EVERYBODY stays in 'the competition' right until the end.

If you win in the first round you stay in the same tier and if you are beaten you move into another tier with all the other teams that were beaten in the first round.  And you keep going like that until everybody gets to FINALS DAY, where you will either compete in a final or a 3rd vs 4th playoff.

In doing so, you will reach 'your level' at which your team can compete and enjoy themselves.



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Competition Entry

You all entered the competition in the last few weeks.  At the time of entry you chose which 'level' you felt that your team would compete at.  The initial draw respects your choices.  The Round 1 draws are shown below.


U13 President's Cup

Chobham U13A

Cobham U13A

Guildford U13A

Old Whitgiftians U13A

U13 Presidents' Shield

Barnes U13A

Battersea Ironsides U13A

Old Reigatian U13A

Sutton & Epsom U13A

U13 President's Plate

Dorking U13A

Farnham U13A

London Irish Amatuer U13A

Old Wimbledonian Warriors U13A

U13 President's Bowl

Chipstead U13A

Esher U13 Lions

Old Rutlishians U13A

Richmond U13A


U13 Chairman's Cup

Battersea Ironsides U13B

Guildfordians U13A

Haslemere U13A

Wimbledon U13A

U13 Chairman's Shield

Cobham U13B

Cranleigh U13A

Old Emanuel U13A

Weybridge Vandals U13A

U13 Chairman's Plate

Farnham U13B

Guildford U13B

Reigate U13A

Warlingham U13A

U13 Chairman's Bowl

Chobham U13B

Dorking U13B

Esher U13 Pride

London Irish U13B


U13 Challenga Cup - Participating Teams

KCS Old Boys U13A

Old Rutlishians U13B

Old Wimbledonian Warriors.U13B

Reeds Weybridge U13A

Richmond U13B